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Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Your beautiful hard surface flooring has set the stage for a beautiful area rug. Collins & Sons is where you can find the perfect rug to add a pop of color to complete your design or put softness under foot in just the right places. We have a selection of rugs on display for immediate purchase. We also have many samples of more rugs available by order. Seeing the colors and touching the samples in our local showroom helps in determining the rug that is a great choice for you. Rugs are available in heirloom quality New Zealand wool and silk as well as other fibers including: standard wool, polyester, triexta, polypropelene, jute, denim and even real hide. We have some area rugs that are indoor/outdoor as well that can be hosed off to clean. Whatever your dream is for your area rug, we can help you make it happen.

Area Rugs make a great gift. Take 15% off till Valentine's Day!!!

Call us and tell us the one you want and we will have it ready for you to pick up. You can call and pay over the phone and we will bring your rug out to you. 618-234-2915

Interlock ITL03 Blue/Ivory 5' x 7'6" in stock $312.50 See more colors at Nourison

Damask DAS06 Blue 5' x 7' In stock $162.50 See more colors at Nourison

Key Largo KLG04 Dk Grey Indoor/Outdoor 5'3" x 7'3" in stock $137.50.
                               See more colors at Nourison

Aloha ALH20 Indoor/Outdoor 5'3" x 7'5" in stock $137.50
                           See more colors at Nourison

Key Largo 5'3"x7'3" Indoor/Outdoor $137.50 in stock - see more colors at Nourison 


Key Largo 5'3"x7'3" - $137.50   See more options Nourison
             Indoor/Outdoor. this one is SOLD but can be ordered

Angela Adams 5'2"x7'9" - $200  $160 only one left. SOLD

Splendor Cornsilk (shag) - $ 200  only one left

Available by special order - $xxx - SOLD

Zanzibar 5'3"x7'10" -$140 only one left

Gyfla Grey/Flame 5'3"x7'5" - $140 only one left

Stella 5'3"x7'6"- $200  $180 only one left

Nourison  - $xxx - SOLD

Andy Warchol Pop (Red) 5'3" x 7'9"- $160 only one left

Somerset latte 2'3"x8'0" $138
Maxell Grey 2'2"x7'6" $113
both availabe in more sizes by order           see NourisonCarpet for more colors and sizes

Countryside Collection Natural CTR03 Indoor/Outdoor 5'3"x7'3" $113 $100  Last one - discontinued.     
Take a look at other colors and sizes and we will order special for you     NourisonCarpet       (click logo)

Countryside Collection Denim CTR01 Indoor/Outdoor 5'3"x7'3"- $113  See more options at Nourison

Cozumel CZM01 Dk Gry 5'3"x7'3". Indoor/Outdoor SOLD    NourisonCarpet    (click logo)
        available in more colors and sizes by order

Nourison 2000 NewZealand Wool - $xxx - SOLD. available in many sizes and colors by order.  NourisonCarpet
Please call us for pricing on all area rugs

Laguna Collection Clinton Tan 5x8 soft shag.  $202  $150 only one left

Laguna Collection Boardwalk Stripe Blue 5x8 soft shag - $202  $150 only one left  SOLD

Laguna Collection Spotted Border Green 5x8 soft shag - $202  $150 only one left

Laguna Collection Perry Garden Green 5x8 soft shag - $202  $150 only one left

Laguna Collection Stitched Chevron Blue 5x8 soft shag - $202  $150 only one left

NourisonCarpet.   Michael Amini Collection by special order - $xxx - SOLD. more available by order.   

Uptown MA 90 Beige/Grey 5'3"x7'3"  $250  other sizes available by order from Nourison

Windsor 100% wool, hand tufted 5x8 - $285

Generations 544G 5'3"x7'9" - $343 ON SALE for $225

Lanai 188X - 5'3"x7'6" - $130 more styles and sizes available by order

Nourison custom rug - $xxx - SOLD many more choices in custom rugs available by order

Jewel Collection JEL03 BLRED 5'3"x7'5" - $363  other sizes available by order

Weston WES01 Oatmeal 5'3"x7'5" - $500 for this rug - other colors and sizes available by order! 

Brisbane BR109 Cream 5'x7' - $275  $245 this rug is SOLD.   more available by order

Rio Vista DST01 5' x 7'6" - $175 available in many colors and sizes

 Galway GLW02 5'x7' soft thick shag - $350 more sizes available

- $xxx - SOLD.  Gorgeous rug available by special order 

Maxell MAE 04 Beige 5'3"x7'3" - $300

Maxell MAE02 Charc 5'3"x7'3" - $300  SOLD

Deco Mod Navy/Ivory 2'3"x7'6" $120    Deco Mod Black/Beige 2'3"x7'6" $120 
                                             Both available in other colors and sizes     

Homestead Beige/Grey 5'3"x7'8" - $400 Beatiful new addition to our selection.  NourisonCarpet
              Available in more sizes!

Ararat ARA 03 IV/Grey 5'3"x7'4" - $312 $250 last one left

Silky Textures SLY09 Ivory 5'3"x7'3" - $350 more sizes available!

Graphic Illusions GIL 09 Sky 5'3"x7'5" - $287 available in more colors and sizes

Lagos LAG01 Cream 5'3"x7'6" - $375- Available in more sizes

Karastan Spice Market - $xxx - SOLD available by order in many sizes

Marana MNN01 Charcoal 5' x 7'6" 100% wool, hand-loom woven - $275
            Available in the colors shown on the color blanket in many sizes.

Azura - beautiful wool rug - AZM01 5'3"x7'5" - $338  $300 this one is SOLD- Available in more sizes

Michael Amini Glistening Nights MA510 Gry 5'3"x7'6" $375 -Available in more sizes!

Somerset ST02 Blue 5'3"x7'5" - $288   $230 - Discontinued style and colors.

Nourison 2020 NR206 Midnight 5'3"x7'5" - $538 - Available in more sizes

India House 100%wool hand tufted 5 x 8 - $315 available in more sizes

Nourison Moroccan Shag 5'3"x7'11" - $263 - Available in more sizes

Beautiful nylon soft back pattern carpet, already bound, 11'6"x8' - $350 SOLD

Bottom rug: Karavia Indoor/Outdoor 5'3"x7'6" $135 great for layering  
         available in many sizes
Top rug: Malta Collection MAI01 Ivory/Blue 3'11"x5'7" $225
       avilable in other sizes as well

Michael Amini - $xxx - SOLD - many sizes available by order

Latitude 1'10" x 7'6" Indoor/Outdoor runner - $57.50 Available in many more sizes. 

Marina 1'9"x3'9" Indoor Outdoor - $22.50 
Available in many more sizes! Great for layering!

Novogratz doormat by Momeni - Coir with PVC backing 1'6"x2'6" - $32  $27

Braided rug 2'x3' - $47 $25 

Novogratz doormat by Momeni - Coir with PVC backing 1'4"x2'6" - $32  $27

Available by order in many sizes - $xxx - SOLD

Silky Textures Collection Blue/Grey 5'3"x7'3" - $350 more sizes available by order

We proudly serve homeowners in the communities of Swansea, IL and Belleville, Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Shiloh, Mascoutah, Scott Air Force Base, Freeburg, Millstadt, Caseyville, Collinsville, Maryville, Glen Carbon, Smithton, Waterloo, and the surrounding Metro East community.


2431 North Illinois Street,  Swansea, IL 62226