Max Care Cleaning

Max Care Cleaning


Collins and Sons Max Care Professional Cleaning Systems 

Collins and Sons Max Care uses a hot water extraction method to clean your carpet. Mandated by manufacturer warrantees, this technology will thoroughly clean and re-set the carpet's "memory" to refresh your carpet and also improve the indoor air quality. MaxCare's technicians are extensively trained certified professionals who are courteous and truly care about their work. Our technologies, equipment, processes and carpet cleaning solutions are the best in the cleaning industry today. We are experts in both natural and synthetic fiber carpets including wool and silk.  Pet enzyme treatment, deodorizes and 3M ScotchGuardTM is available. Max Deep Clean is a non-toxic, pet friendly clean you'll never forget.

What to expect on the cleaning day

On the day your cleaning is done, we will send a professionally trained and certified (I.I.C.R.C.) crew.  They will begin by inspecting the area and then vacuuming.  The crew will move most furniture (please remove your breakables), treat or pre-spray any stains, and clean using a truck mounted, hot water extraction system.  After the area is cleaned, the furniture will be replaced on protective pads.  It's best to stay off the carpet as much as possible until it is dry, especially for the first four hours to prevent crushing of the pile and re-soiling.  The best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it regularly, have walk-off mats at each entrance and have it cleaned by MaxCare at least once a year. We clean carpets, upholstery, ceramic and grout, in both residential and commercial locations. Pick up and delivery service for your area rugs to be cleaned using MaxCare Professional Cleaning Systems is a great solution to keep your rugs looking great. 

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